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The discovery.
      I discovered Boris Vallejo a little bit by accident and I was immedialtely fascinated by the painting style. As I liked his work, I collected lots of his images and developped a web-site dedicated to Boris in May, 2001. Following encouragement from numerous fan of Boris and Julie, I decided to create one web-site about the 2 artists and assemble the largest collection of these two artists' work : 1630 pictures against only 641 in the version of May, 2001...
Picture's quality and purpose of this web-site.
      You will notice that pictures are of more or less good quality, although details are often shaded off and colours are disappointing with regard to the reproductions of originals.
When selecting the images, I have not chosen the biggest pictures but rather the best quality pictures. If you have a better scan or a missing painting here, please send it by e-mail
This site's sole intention is to make the work of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell better known. There is no commercial purpose (no banner of publicity). If you are interested in purchasing their work I recommand visiting the official web-site where you can buy on-line some reproductions of their work in different size and also some unpublished originals.
Creation of the web-site.
      I created the web-site in PHP which allowed to me to build my pages from a MySQL database. It is simple and effective... The use of this database allows me to manage subscribings, users messages, statistics and the picture searches in the collection. In the same way, the translations for the 2 versions of the web-site (English and French) are contained in the database.
I cut the homepage unicorn from the painting Black Unicorn (1995) .
Attentive observers will have noticed that the number of pictures is adapted according to the usable height of the internet browser : the calculation is made when you click on another page.
This web-site require a minimum resolution of 1024x768. It has been optimized for Internet Exporer 7 and Firefox 2 and required Javascript. All pages are validated Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional
Newsletter and contact.
      If you would like to have the last news about this web-site (new paintings, information add-ons, updates) or a new hosting address, please subscribe:

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This web-site represents a lot of work and feedback is always a pleasure, so if you like you can leave a message in the guestbook or by e-mail
The webmaster. Seb ;-)
      I'm French and I work in the city of Tours creating web-sites. Within a team, I conceive, develop and install web-sites essentially in the banking domain.

Thanks to all those who have encouraged me during this creation of this site and to Boris and Julie Fans all over the world whe have sent me unpublished pictures. Special thanks to Gary and Todd ;-)