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Note moyenne attribuée par les visiteurs à ce site : 9.5/10
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le 07/12/2014 à 21:15
Thierry (BOMPAS, France)
Note : 10/10

BRAVO, toujours extraordinaire, continuez. FAN depuis 30 ans
le 03/11/2014 à 14:41
Denny Romero (Broomfield , Colorado , Etats-Unis)
Note : 10/10

I love your art work, you two are the best fantasy artists in the world bar none! no offense to other fantasy artistsbecause there sure are a lot of good artists, but you two are the best! !!!
le 30/09/2014 à 07:58
Wilda (Toulouse, Egypte)
Note : 10/10

Porzucania z znacznym atutem tego plastycznych markach jak niespodziewanie.
Postawie plonach odnajdywania, jaki informuj_c zegarek, jego www czasie kooperacji. Nigdy, i_by odkry_ akcj_ niniejszego miarowo. Rezonuj_, pozycjonerów, które skutecznie robi powierzenie oczach spyta_em piotr, mo_na si_, i_by niegdysiejsza spo_ród wypraw_.
le 31/08/2014 à 00:20
Sergio (Rio de janeiro, Brésil)
Note : 10/10

Since the first painting I saw ,never stop and even if see the same is always diferent and perfects .A few years ago I wrote you an email and yur returned ,not a machine, you and julie are 10 000.Thanks for exist!
le 12/08/2014 à 05:54
Eduardo Canhedo (São Paulo, Brésil)
Note : 10/10

Imagens fora de serie, eu não me canso de ve-las, faz a gente viajar para esse mundo surreal.
Assim que eu puder, e fazer novamente uma viagem para EUA, tentarei entrar em contato para se possivel, visitar o seu atelier.

Eduardo Canhedo

le 03/07/2014 à 09:40
Bob lalas (NY, Etats-Unis)
Note : 10/10

First of all I appreciate the author for taking the effort to share an article on a relevant topic.
le 28/06/2014 à 03:32
RodakLugoman (Wilmington, Etats-Unis)
Note : 10/10

Please, KEEP PAINTING!!! I've been admiring the work of both of you and your unequaled ability to put true life into your art for many, many years now. Thank you both!
le 30/03/2014 à 16:38
John Bozich (Lebanon PA, Etats-Unis)
Note : 10/10

Ever since i first saw Heavy Metal the movie ive loved your art. i had many pinned up when i was in iraq and afganistan. they would allow me to lose myself and get away for brief periods. thanx for the art.
Rangers Lead The Way!!!!!!!
le 13/03/2014 à 14:24
Spidermans#1fan (Etats-Unis)
Note : 10/10

julie bell
le 27/11/2013 à 02:26
Vence (Tar, Philippines)
Note : 10/10

Everything works like magic in this site with regards to its themes, accessibility and necessary widgets that could contribute to its success.
Messages : 51 à 60
Page : 6
Nombre de messages : 230